San Bernardo Islands Tour

Duration: 2 days.

The first day you will visit the Rosario Islands where the "Rosario Islands Tour" will take place. At night, the dinner will be on the sailboat where you can also sleep in the cabins, at dawn on the second day you will go to the wonderful islands at north of Tolú and south of the Rosario Islands, at a distance of 74 km from Cartagena. The island has a spectacular cuisine based on seafood and fish that you will be able to enjoy when we arrive to the restaurant located on one of the islands, there you will also find warm waters and little-visited beaches given the distance from the city of Cartagena. We will visit a lagoon surrounded by mangroves, with a great diversity of marine fauna that refuge there in its growth stage.

Santacruz del Islote, a world curiosity, is located in this archipelago. It is the most inhabited island per square meter, its population is approximately 493 inhabitants in a space of 10.000 m2 and the average age of its inhabitants is 22 years, in the afternoon we will return to Cartagena and the tour will end.