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Adventure, Ecological and Archaeology Tourism

Bird, flora and fauna watching, hidden places nestled in the Colombian Andes.


Located in the Department of Huila and at an altitude of 1,730 meters above sea level. in the municipality of San Agustín, it is in the central mountain range of the Andes in the Colombian massif where it branches into three mountain ranges that go from south to north of the country and very close to the capital of the department, Neiva, it is one of the most important archaeological areas of South America and is the necropolis that has the largest extension in the world is also a World Heritage Site by Unesco in the year 1995. In this place there are very old and large indigenous vestiges most important in the world, a funerary place of the Augustinian culture dating from 3,300 BC, ceramics, goldsmiths, wood worked and the strength of them was the stone sculpture, it is located in an area of 78 hectares, the park is made up of a museum, the forest of statues on three plateaus, a ceremonial fountain and the high Lavapatas.

A large part of the statues is in the same place where they were found, have human and animal features and are engraved only frontally, several of these sculptures reflect a funerary cult and are built as a dolmen with guardians and priests in charge of protecting the sarcophagus.

Salto de agua.jpg

VIdeo courtesy of Fontur

In the museum there are several exhibition rooms, in some you can see statues taken from their original site, in another we can see clay vessels and utensils, as well as inscriptions and documents of archaeological research that were carried out in the past

These are the statues that preserve the original painting and are exactly on the site where they were found, you can see how they take care of the tombs and their faces reflect teeth of wild animals

This is a compilation of the main statues and brought to this path for observation, they are in perfect condition and when looking at them one is ecstatic

The tombs guarded by priests and terrifying statues to ward off the intruders since death for them was a journey to transcend the afterlife, that is why vessels with food, tools, artifacts for work and some pieces of gold for their transition were found in the tombs, it is definitely passionate to know this vestige of that civilization

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