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Adventure and Ecological Tourism

Paradisiacal places, spectacular sunsets and bird watching in their natural state


The department of La Guajira is a territory made up of a peninsula that is mostly a desert that is bathed by the Caribbean Sea where yellow sand beaches are formed, with huge dunes and unparalleled Caribbean landscapes, where you can find bird sanctuaries mainly of pink flamingos, it is inhabited by the Wayúu indigenous people who form small villages called "Rancherías",  It has three national parks and is one of the departments of Colombia that has a future with clean energies since the trade winds and the great solar radiation are a source of this energy.

Today its greatest sources of resources are in the extraction of salt into the sea, the exploitation of the largest open-pit coal mine in the world and natural gas, tourism has progressed and as mentioned above has a potential in renewable and clean energies that will make it one of the most important departments in Colombia in energy production.

Without a doubt it is a place for adventures and exotic places that will make you remember forever these beautiful landscapes as well as its people.

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VIdeo courtesy of Fontur

Typical and comfortable hotels, with a unique and extraordinary atmosphere

Nature and landscape changes will leave you with indelible memories of your visit to La Guajira

Its natural resources and its great potential in clean energy make it a unique department with potential in Colombia

The landscape changes from desert to humid rainforests as well as mountains in the south of the department is spectacular.

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