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Adventure and Ecological Tourism

Sport-Fishing in jungle, offshore fishing, whale watching, scuba diving, bird watching, river navigation in the jungle.


Anybody who’s serious about fishing knows that trolling offshore is the ultimate sport-fishing experience. The pacific waters of Bahia Solano are home to the most coveted species for anglers all around the world, at you will have the chance to experience this natural treasure to It’s fullest.

Independent of what you want, pursuing big game fish, catching inshore species, or following the largest sardine migrations in the world, with you will be in good hands. We have designed and planed this experience to be tailor made for your specific preferences.

Every year between july and november, the Colombian Pacific coasts are the scenery for the migration of the yubarta’s also called humpback whales, which travel around 8,500 kilometers from Antarctica to the warm waters of this beautiful region of the country to mate and give birth to their young.

Come and live with us this beautiful journey full of magical moments, few sensations are compared with the emotion experienced when observing the jump of a 40-ton whale.


VIdeo courtesy of Fontur

Typical and comfortable hotels, with a unique and extraordinary atmosphere

Unique beaches away from the hustle and bustle, humid rainforest and rest watching the landscapes of the Pacific Ocean

The unique flora and fauna in the world and an unforgettable color

And the cherry for dessert, the humpback whales, a spectacle and that will never be erased from your mind

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