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Adventure, Ecological and Archaeology Tourism

Bird, flora and fauna watching, hidden places nestled in the Colombian Andes.


The National Archaeological Park of Tierradentro, is one of the world heritage sites found in Colombia was declared by Unesco in 1995, is an important center of Pre-Columbian culture located in the department of Cauca in the municipality of Inzá and in the town of San Andres de Pisimbalá located between large mountains with heights of up to 4000 meters above sea level and very deep valleys,  hence its name given by the Spaniards for being a land very deep into the mountains and where the indigenous Paeces lived, which still survives today, there we will find the Hypogea and stone statues, catacombs excavated on the edge of the mountains and 8 meters deep where the mortuary room with two or three central columns that support the roof of the excavated mountain are located,  some have human faces and paintings with white, black and red colors is a spectacle that can not be missed.

The sites can be visited on foot on long walks or on horseback, with unforgettable landscapes of the central mountain range and where the flora and fauna of the Andes is appreciated, in addition to breathing a pure air in a site preserved and protected from human predation and where the pre-Columbian culture and the knowledge of the indigenous people in architecture and art will expand.

Rio Paez y cascada.jpg

VIdeo courtesy of Fontur

The hypogea with depths of 8 meters have a descent well with spiral ladders that serve as access to the burial chamber, these are decorated with human and geometric figures, where you can find ossuaries and vessels for the trip to the beyond

A complete adventure between mountains and we stop at 4000 meters high, deep valleys and a pure air, are one of the attractions of this tour

Statues and architecture worthy of any recognition. at a time when tools were precarious.

Wildflowers and their great variety of birds among rivers, valleys and mountains

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