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Adventure, Ecological Tourism

Bird, flora and fauna watching, hidden places nestled in the Colombian Andes.


It is located 23 kilometers from the center of Manizales and 17 from the town of Villamaría, Caldas, in a 50-minute journey on an unpaved road and on the tourist corridor called La Ruta del Condor.

Access to the Ecolodge, can be done by means of an aerial cable or walking on a journey that lasts from 45 to 60 minutes, along a path of 2.7 kilometers. this has 5 tents type (safari tents) or Glamping, a main headquarters where the dining room, kitchen, social bathroom and reception are located, the number of tents is 5 units with an area of 81 square meters per tent that includes a private bathroom with hot water, wifi and other amenities. The accommodation inside the tents is made up of a king bed which can be separated forming 2 twin beds and a separate room with a sofa that can also be transformed into another king bed or separated into 2 twin beds, thus allowing a maximum capacity of 4 people. Inside the room has a fireplace, desk, table for the suitcase, wardrobe, 2 butterfly chairs, 2 bedside tables, kettle, binoculars, and a coat rack. The bathroom is private, the toilet is separated and from the shower with hot water you can see the landscape of the canyon of the condors. We have circulations that communicate the rooms by means of elevated and illuminated walkways, there is WiFi in rooms and common areas.

Among the activities that can be done is the route through 8 trails with different degrees of difficulty, with double suspension e-bikes. (2 units per tent), there will be activities of planting trees and native plants, in the journeys there will be bird watching and the sighting of Condors from the terrace of the rooms. There will also be night tours and there will be bonfires under the light of the stars. In or after to activities can be coordinated for the visit of a peasant house and see the perches or nests of the condors and the aguacates crops and their process.

Vista aerea.jpeg

VIdeo courtesy of Nido del Condor

The nest of the Condor is a place away from civilization specially designed for your comfort respecting the environment and very close to the stars, surrounded by the mountains of the Andes and cradle of the Condor Andes is the emblematic bird of the national shield of Colombia

It is the Condor is the largest flying bird in the world, it can weigh 15 kilos, length of one meter and twenty centimeters and its wingspan could reach three meters and fifteen centimeters, it is in danger of extinction so the importance of this place in the middle of the mountains

An ideal place for the observation of birds and other species of the area that will make this tour an indelible memory

Perfect place to reconnect with nature, the stars and the sound of silence

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