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Adventure and Ecological Tourism

Sport-Fishing in jungle, offshore fishing, whale watching, scuba diving, bird watching, river navigation in the jungle.


The Amazon jungle known as the lung of the world has given a piece of its majesty to Colombia, that is why has identified in this Colombian destination an opportunity for its visitors to experience the wonders that being in contact with the mother jungle or Pacha mama and the ancient cultures that have preserved it.


We will delve into the culture of the indigenous peoples Tikuna, Cocama, Yagua, and Huitoto as the main ancestral inhabitants settled in the Colombian Amazon and with whom you can share an unforgettable experience full of magic, tradition, culture, and nature. Join us on a fascinating journey through the jungle where the river becomes the perfect excuse to let yourself be invaded by the magic of the Amazon. Live the Amazon.

Of the Amacayacu National Park, with unique species of flora and fauna, where you will see lakes with the beautiful Victoria Amazonica, the largest lotus in the world. In high waters the tour is done by canoe. In the afternoon, to the Peruvian margin in search of pink dolphins and to enjoy the sunset from the Amazon, always different and with all the colors of the universe.

Vista panoramica Pto Nariño.jpg

VIdeo courtesy of Fontur

The jungle is one by day and the other at night, and it changes between the high water season and the low water season.

The Amazon River in the heart of the jungle, you will find a garden of palms, heliconias, fruit trees, and native plants of many types, where birds, monkeys, butterflies, and an infinity of species live.

Visit a nearby indigenous village, the Calanoa Natural Reserve to the Matamata creek, on the border with the Amacayacu Natural Park.

Where you can observe birds, sloth bears and a huge and diverse fauna and low jungle flora.

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